Jake Pavelka is okay, Ali not so much.

Note: I wrote this two years ago. Why post it now? It makes me laugh. And I found Jake’s season of the Bachelor more interesting than Des’s right now. *

I would like to take this opportunity to say this season of the Bachelor is a big snore, Rozlyn for the next Bachelorette, and I hate Facebook, not necessarily in that order.

Oh, and Barnes at Television Without Pity still sucks.

jake pavelka as bachelor, season one million and ten
jake pavelka as bachelor, season one million and ten

This is a short season of The Bachelor, with only 2 more episodes to go, Women Tell All and The Final Rose. Jakey is demanding and picky, always hot in our Bachelor, and kicked Bachelorettes off left and right. As many of us on the boards (I’m not on the boards, rhetorical here) have said since the first episode, the most appealing lady, the pilot for the Army or Marines or something was absolutely our first pick, even though she got booted off the first show. I’m not sure why we all liked her. But producers take note, and make her the next Bachelorette, pls.

I liked Gia a lot, but she had a lot of strange mannerisms with her hair in her face, ducking her head, and standing knock-kneed. Hell, they got rid of Jen’s huge mole when she became Bachelorette, so these aren’t really obstacles. Many viewers thought Gia was gorgeous; I thought she was just pretty, but honest and playful, which won me over. I do think she and Jake were pretty hot together – steam rising there, and that was a nice change from watching him try to be interesting.

The Hometown Dates were fascinating, as usual. Well, except for Ali Fedotowsky. From the first show I called her The Girl with No Eye Makeup. I mean she looked just weird. It may be that she’s missing eyelashes or some other unfortunate flaw, so I’m not trying to be mean, and I don’t have high-def TV, but her eyes look so strange to me, although I would still call her cute. Jake’s first date was with her, however, and it was the.most.boring. date ever ever ever, so I stopped liking her then. Little did I know that she would soon become the worst bi-otch that show has ever seen, prodded by the editing monkeys, of course, and her hateful mean comments to Vienna cast a dark shadow on the whole season.

jake thinking about crying, ali pretenting to cry so she can be bachelorette
jake thinking about crying, ali pretenting to cry so she can be bachelorette

Ali’s hometown was in Massachusetts – gorgeous in the fall – and their first date was at her dead grandmother’s house. Ugh on that. Her family seemed nice, but there was a dreadful mistake in the kitchen. I didn’t see anyone mention this on TWOP, but it was glaring to me: their kitchen paint. The whole kitchen was painted dark blue! Who paints any room that dark, let alone a kitchen where you have to SEE what you’re cooking, cleaning or eating?! Weird.

Gia was in NYC, at a restaurant with her Italian family. Fun, but Jake didn’t look comfortable.

Vienna’s was some way down south town in Florida with bugs and swamps. Her well to do family that she talked about didn’t have a big house that we saw – I suspect they filmed it at a shack on purpose. Much of the date was filmed in a garage with a big motorcycle and artificial lawn on the walls. And florescent lighting. I felt icky.

Tenley’s family’s house in Oregon was gorgeous, and her family was so great I think I cried the whole segment. Her dance was boring, and I don’t think it’s polite to keep boasting that you’ve only had sex with one man, and he cheated on you, so it doesn’t count. Your vagina problems are TMI, Ten (10).

Now we get to Facebook. I read on the boards that annoying Girl with No Eye Makeup, Ali, worked at Facebook, or had for a short time before the show.

(There are so many things I hate about Facebook that it would take too long to list them now, and the one I wrote then is buried under the worse ones now.

I notice I ignore my blogs when I’m on Facebook too much, so more blogging, less Facebook. I think that’s a better way to communicate anyway – sell myself, not you.

Also, I blame everything wrong with Facebook on Ali. PS Your season was one of the very worst.

PS. I really liked Jake on Dancing with the Stars! So sue me.

*UGH!!! Just noticed Ali from Facebook is now blogging on Eonline about the current Des Hartsook season! UGH! Also, apparently she now hosts an NBC Cable show, First Look. I hope no one minds a hostess who laughs nervously the whole time and isn’t real. Oh well, par for the course.

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