Lucas Davenport on the sidelines.


Naked Prey, by John Sandford

I had given up on the Lucas Davenport series. I didn’t even finish the last couple I started, but I spied an old Sanford paperback someone was getting rid of, and I reluctantly picked it up to put aside for a rainy day.

Well, it never rains here in LA anymore, but I picked it up one sunny day and in just a couple of pages, I thought, WOW, he’s great again! I think it’s because this one is NOT about the superhero videogame designer/detective lucas Davenport and his doctor beautiful wife – I have no interest in their boring perfect life. (He started to become tedious even when he was single.)

This Sandford episode (what’s  a book that’s part of a series called?!) of the series is written from the point of view of a whole other group of people, a small strange town way up in the tip of Minnesota, so dysfunctional, yet understandable, and I couldn’t wait to find out more about each one of them. I even started to study it, to see how to write about a nonchalant killer for a screenplay idea I have!

A big yes on this one.