I’m one of only 3 people who reviewed this movie.

Did I forget to mention this? That I also write One Minute Movie Reviews?

And this one can’t wait, because it’s new on Hulu, and there are NO reviews there, and only one (fake?) one up on Amazon and only one on IMDB! And nothing on Rotten Tomatoes!

hunting buddies dvd

Hunting Buddies – Brandon Van Vliet, Pete Duffy,  by John Karsko

You think a cover doesn’t sell movies or books? You are a fool!!!! The only reason I picked this to watch on Hulu is because of the great red, black and white photo for the movie – and there were many other great shots and scenes in it, too.

Otherwise…I hate hunters. I despise them. I lose friends on Facebook when I say I hate states that allow hunting. I loathe the USDA and Fish & Game. I can give you dozens of essays and reasons why hunting is the work of the devil – and worse.

So the only reason I picked this movie to watch in Hulu was 1) the cover and 2) the hope that all the hunters would die at the hand of a serial killer or monster, and then I would feel very satisfied.

As I’m finding out, Hulu lies about categories a lot. This wasn’t Horror, but more a drama-mystery of 4 friends, well-acted, interesting characters, nice scenery. Killings, but not supernatural.  A little spooky.  I really liked the bro factor with the guys.

But this is a very short movie, only 79 minutes (great for Hulu! – which also had very few ads, maybe because it’s new in the queue) and nothing happened in the story for a long time. Then a bunch of things happened, but I didn’t really understand all of it, because it was at night and the scenes were so dark. I think the production company just ran out of money.

Oh well, I still liked it. And guess what: we didn’t see: the hunters killing any animals, and only one dead animal was shown..

And as I had hoped, I was satisfied.