Dean Koontz, you done bad.


False Memory, by Dean Koontz

Oh, Dean, Dean, Dean. You are usually one of my fave writers, but this just didn’t bring it. I think I started this book 4 times before I really buckled down to it. I would have tossed books by other authors by then.

I hated the druggie guy. I hated the perfect house painter. I could barely tolerate his perfect dog. (Mr. Koontz inserts an Irish retriever and Rockport shoes into most of his books.) :)I hated his perfect wife.

I hated that the one woman I could have liked, was killed.

This is not a spoiler, but more of a warning.



(giving you time to move away from the computer)



The whole book is about hypnotism – which I also hate.

I noticed most readers on Amazon agreed with me. Sometimes it’s sad to be right.