Outsider art book review.

Great Works of Naive Art: The Life and Works Art Series, by Doreen Ehrlich

I read this over a year ago, and picking it up again, I can’t remember a thing about it. The descriptions are short and superficial. The reproductions of the paintings are on slick paper and very well done, however, so it’s worthwhile from that standpoint.

This subject interests me, and I well remember a wonderful exhibit LACMA, the LA County Art Museum had on Outsider Art. I  prefer Outsider Art to be those by odd, sometimes mentally off artists, or just obsessive loners, than those of Grandma Moses or fantasy, which look more like illustartions.  Fortunately this book had many more of the truly naive ones.

I do wonder if collections like this are limited by which artists will give them rights to publish, however.  For instance, I would hold out for the more prestigious books of cartoon art. :) Also, this is a publisher in the UK, so  I think that affected the choice of artists.