How to disable right click on single post.

Whenever someone in the WordPress forums requests how to set up no right click, or disable right clicks, they get more replies than most questions (which get, like, zero.) I believe this is because of the paid flunkies for groups such as EFF (Electronic Frontier foundation)  trolling there.

The commenters aren’t (just) lazy bloggers who  like to steal content created by others; they post in an attempt to weaken federal copyright law and intellectual copyright. (The EFF is funded  not by our Founding Fathers, shouting for liberty and free speech, but by huge internet corporations like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc, who chew up all online content they can grab, and excrete it branded with their own names and ads.)

Thus, these comments  when a blogger even suggests that she would like to limit use of her very own online content:

Seriously? Disable-right-click is one of the most utterly pointless and obtrusive things you can do with a web site. It’s pointless because it’s massively easy to circumvent in a number of ways, and it’s obtrusive because you are conflicting with the normal usage pattern of the end user in their broswer, who should be free to browse in whatever way they see fit.


Agreed, any site that trys to determine how my browser or mouse behaves either gets their script blocked or loses me a visitor.. Other users may not feel the same, but i know i find this a major annoyance on some websites..


It’s not worth the effort. It won’t actually work. It will make your site actively hostile to users. They will notice this and stop visiting. There is no benefit to doing this, only wasted effort and lost traffic.

Methinks someone has an agenda here! :) Ignore their trash talk. There are many good reasons to want to disable right click, including copyright infringement, modesty, circumspection, caution, and good business sense. Sure, there are a couple ways to get around it, but most people are honest and respectful of the original author.

There are lots of scripts and plugins (WordPress) for No Right Click for your whole site, but I didn’t  need that this time. However, I recently  put a lot of work in one page of another blog that I didn’t want taken by aggregators or content farms, and I was looking for a way to protect just that one page from copying. It was difficult to dig up,  and that’s why I wanted to share my find here.

I found one plugin that supposedly can disable just one post, but it wouldn’t install for me. May have had a conflict with my other plugins.

Finally found the simple code here, which he got from Mozilla, so, both safe and  it’s been tested:

<script type=”text/javascript”>

window.oncontextmenu = function () {
return false;


Note that this is for a WordPress page, not a post, if that makes a difference. I pasted it in the Text screen, not the visual screen. You can drop it anywhere there. Works a charm.