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Donna Barstow is the cartoonist and blog author. Picky eater, great friend, curious observer, elitist artist, midnight writer, voracious reader, omnivorous chocoholic, impatient driver, and adequate lover.

In my spare time I’m a cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, Harvard Business Review, Barrons, Glamour, etc. My main cartoon site: Donna Barstow Cartoons.

I’m a member of the LA Press Club. I’m also a script doctor.

YES, I’m a little bit opinionated, so I also do editorial cartoons! And that makes me crazy, so then I do cartoons for Psychology Today and blog for PsychCentral.

I have two books out, What Do Women REALLY Want? Chocolate! and Love Me or Go To Hell: True Love Cartoons. More info and descriptions, including how to get them signed, here.

I love setting up WordPress blogs! My other blogs:

Griffith Park, where I complain about Silver Lake and LA politics.

Chocolate  Arts, because it needed to be done.

I also blog occasionally for LA Weekly.

And I’m a proud member of the Finer Things Club.

Is there something you?d like to tell me, or ask me? Please do. (You can also try the email of my name, Donna Barstow and  to (@) gmail.com.)

Oh, and do comment. Don?t hold back. Your comments and opinions are welcome. (Assuming you?re not one of the annoying ones.) (Just kidding!) (I hope.)

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