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You have a search box in the right sidebar, but I figured with all my varied subjects here – canary care, Dancing with the Stars, Cartoons, and What to Eat, for starters – an index might be helpful to organize it all. I especially wanted to list all my cartoons here…because sometimes I forget which ones I’ve used! Posts are indexed through tags. If I have forgotten to add a tag to a post or cartoon, or have the wrong one, please let me know.

Important Note: all cartoons are for personal enjoyment only, and are not to be reproduced in any way without permission. Using cartoons without permission is illegal and is subject to fines up to $150,000 plus legal fees. We pursue all legal remedies. (Fair Use does not have different laws for schools; there are 4 rules for Fair Use, and none of them would include a student or teacher using a cartoon for any reason.) No free use by educators, although schools do get a discounted price.

This page explains how to buy cartoons, or how to get a quote for different uses.

But hey, it’s always free to look!