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The Dracula Tape, by Fred Saberhagen Not into vampires, and didn’t think I’d like this, so I put it aside for a few years. I’ve read the real Dracula,  Bram…

One Minute Book Reviews

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hunting buddies dvd

Did I forget to mention this? That I also write One Minute Movie Reviews? And this one can't wait, because it's new on Hulu, and there are NO reviews there, and only one (fake?) one up on Amazon and only one on IMDB! And nothing on Rotten Tomatoes! Hunting Buddies - Brandon Van Vliet, Pete Duffy,  by ...

One Minute Movie Reviews

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Another in my series of Tech Tips for Artists. It's not that you're materialistic, or G*d forbid, a selfish bugger, but everyone wants something. And what's more fun than writing a Christmas list to Santa? Writing an ongoing, ever-updating list of things you really really need (or want)? on Amazon, so your kind and generous readers ...

Tech Tips for Artists

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