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random photo of the old football coach ken Tenaka, good actor

I don't think so. Didn't like any of the songs in Audition, and turned the sound down. Thought the new blond, quasi-Derek Hough was okay. The Filipino girl was kind of cute but didn't like her voice. Quinn is one of my faves and she had only one line, if that, and no close ups. The new ...

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hollywood producer cartoon in new yorker style

This is a typical New Yorker cartoon about Hollywood. Not that this is really Hollywood, of course, but it’s what NEW YORK thinks Hollywood is. You got your palm trees,…

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chicken or egg cartoon

Oops, did I spoil the cartoon? For Illustration Friday: propagate is the challenge. And chickens do that. This is an easy idea to tinker with, if you're good with words. The ending to Which came first, could be anything, and I think I've come up with half a dozen gags over the years. But politics has ...

In the Biz New Yorker cartoons

Life is short. Time is precious. Movies are only 2 hours long. I can’t invest too much time or thought in them, but some are enjoyable, and stick to your…

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