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old song in graveyard cartoon

Time for a new cartoon! Actually, although the color is new, this is quite? old - one of the first cartoons I ever did, and part of a series I did with coffins. I was surprised, death is a fairly common topic with cartoonists - I heard Bob Mankoff, cartoon editor of the New Yorker, ...

New Yorker cartoons

cats like pizza, too

My first Wordless Wednesday. Taking the cue from a bird blogger I admire: Bev. So if I get the self-control I hope for, there won’t be any words next time.


doctor patient skeleton cartoon

"Well, I'd want the whole thing taken out, but you might want a second opinion on that." Cartoon ©D. Barstow. Not that I'm in the least bit misogynistic. People who know me know I love men, in all guises. But the stronger the better, of course. ;) This is part of my Morbid series. It's not that ...

New Yorker cartoons

Hmm. I just noticed that the topic for Illustration Friday this week is “clutter”. And here I thought the topic was “FLUTTER”. Being a bird person, and all. Well, there…

New Yorker cartoons

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