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Why I need it When The Worst Neighbors in the World (TM) live next door to you, and you spend a lot of time online, you need to leave home from time to time. Desktops are too clumsy outside. For many people, it's their laptop or tablet or smartphone they take along with them. Tablets look great, ...

Tech Tips for Artists

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It's looking that way. If you haven't seen Fox's Glee yet, you must, especially if you like musicals. (Think Broadway, not like music in American Idol.) One of the ingredients that makes Glee different is how many minorities there are. I mean, almost everyone! Of course, most of the main characters are straight and white - ...

I don't Watch TV

Kim and Scotts Pretzels

Severe no for Trader Joe's Chocolate Chunk Cookies. The cookies are dry and the chocolate is not satisfying and tastes cheap. I'm Yankee thrifty, but I'm tempted to throw the rest out! Ingredients look fine (ie, no corn syrup, which I won't eat anymore), and there's a bit of honey, which will usually raise the ...

Donna Does Desserts

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