Sarah Palin cartoon as Venus, by Barstow.

My political cartoons for Slate have all been moved to The Opposite of Wrong, where I skewer all the cartoons, and critique the cartoonists!

Sorry, sometimes you gotta be plain and simple in a blog. Sarah Palin has just resigned as Governor, so she won’t be around to undress anymore. I drew this cartoon when she still had hopes to win as VP.

Sarah Palin as Venus
The Governor’s New Clothes (Sarah Palin). Full size at link.

This cartoon was a result of her clothes scandal – that she spent too much money dressing as a winner. Pshaw.? Have you seen the prices of men’s suits? She was in the media everywhere, for Pete’s sake. So I drew her Clotheless. (Nudes may be okay in art – okay, they’re a major part of art history – but Google is afraid of the n-aked word, I believe.) Isn’t she a wonderful Venus? I, on the other hand, never claimed to be Botticelli. But I’ll take it.) As I said in my OpEd post:

That was the first season when I actually paid attention to the campaigns and elections, and she was electrifyingly real. In character, and a character. Mesmerizing, even in, or especially in, her most humiliating moments. And I always thought she was beautiful, and I loved her voice.

Go see her. And I’ll have a new cartoon up on Sarah Palin in Slate on Monday.

Caption: Sarah Palin starring as The Governor’s New Clothes – Nude!

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