Goals for Bout of Books.

It’s Bout of Books Time all week.

Time Devoted to Reading

I will be reading as much as I can/all week.


My Goals

  • To start 5 new books. I like to read several books concurrently. I finish most books, but not if they are really bad.


Books to Read

  • I don’t know the titles yet. I’m usually in the middle of reading:
  • one art process book,
  • one psych/singles/self-help book,
  • one cartoon collection,
  • a serial killer book
  • and a pretty book, usually non-fiction, of decorating, humor, illustration – usually a quick read



told people about it


I’m reading  Switch, by William Bayer – for the third time!!! Mix of NYC cop in new affair and serial killer.


Put together a nice little pile of books next to my bed.


Went to the library. Exhausted. So far I have failed, totally.


Read Slim Green, a 1950s kids book about a green snake. Sort of a biology lesson. I’m glad he lived.


Watched 3 movies. It was a good TV day. Read a little of Switch


I started 3 new books! I started 5 new books this week, and met my goal! :)

Barron’s Book of Cartoons, Atomic Cocktails, and Getting Things Done.

Briefly, I read half the Barron’s book, getting more and more riled up at the cheesy New Yorkery pap in so many, with just a couple that were clever and made me laugh. Then I checked the index at the back, and turns out one of my cartoons (not one of my best) was in it, (I had forgotten, as  they bought it so long ago – book is 10 years old) and suddenly I wasn’t as annoyed. :)

Finished Atomic Cocktails is Chronicle’s ode to the fifties, just sort of cute. I don’t drink cocktails. But Getting Things Done…wow, in just a few pages, he really understands the time problem and I’m very very excited to read more! Thanks you Bout of Books Week!


    • Thank you for stopping by, Belle! Even if I don’t reach my goals, I know others will, and that has given me a certain peace all week.

      August 25, 2013

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