Is Glee too gay?

It’s looking that way.

If you haven’t seen Fox’s Glee yet, you must, especially if you like musicals. (Think Broadway, not like music in American Idol.) One of the ingredients that makes Glee different is how many minorities there are. I mean, almost everyone! Of course, most of the main characters are straight and white – so far as we know – but this is a very diverse cast. They’re all good actors, so it’s not a minority ghetto, and? LOST had a politically correct cast, too, and that worked out well.

HOWEVER. I come from a society that hates show-offs, in any color or form.? Kurt and Sandy are so over the top flamboyant, so flaming that smoke comes out of their noses. And yet…they are so charming and spot on, with great dialogue, that I love them (at times)! Kurt in particular is a strong actor (except with weak dialogue, which we’ll get to in a minute), and a great singer. Sandy rocks. And Sue sure acts butch, even though she gave the eye to Puck. She’s brilliant.

HOWEVER…What is with all the coming out? Kurt came out to his good friend last week, and this week to his father. Bo-ring. Stop with the politically correct lessons.

This outfit is spectacular. I froze the tape several times, trying to remember it. She's backlit, so we can't see the real color of her skirt, which was more green. I'm going to use these colors in my next cartoon!

Kurt grudgingly admitting his neuroticism and sexual preference (ie, that he’s gay) TWO EPISODES IN A ROW!! So I wondered exactly how many of the writers are gay. Turns out the main producer, Ryan Murphy, is, and also turns out that he admits in articles that this is exactly how he came out to his own father. How very self-indulgent of him to take up 2 episodes with this character doing the EXACT SAME THING!

When writing comedy, one way to do it is to juxtapose disparate qualities in characters (think Frasier and his brother (one of whom is gay in real life, as it happens.)? This would also be gay, weak, feminine Kurt, and his seemingly homophobic,? blue collar all male Dad, and the tension was great (how will Kurt pull this farce off, and how will his father react if he finds out the truth?) Hysterical! For 40 minutes. When Kurt and 2 of the Glee members belted out “Single Ladies” great- and then we see it’s in his bedroom and his father walks in. So funny. Later, Kurt decides he has to join the football team – I can’t remember why, Finn? – and becomes the star kicker. And his father is so excited about this, and comes to the game. Kurt saves the day, hero. The football team sang, too, and it was sweet how happy his father was.

So far, so good. Then that night his father comes to see him to say how proud he is, and you can feel the emotion on both their sides, and we’re on the edge of our seats, wondering if Kurt can putt off the charade, and Kurt says Dad, I’m gay, and his father says, — wait for it —okay.

Pffft. Worst. Writing. Ever. Can you feel the humor and strength go out of the episode? No humor, no tension to keep us coming back next week = bad comedy, and bad writing.

There is also a throwaway line in the dramatic scene where his father says he’s always known because at age 4, Kurt asked for sensible heels. Wow, was that not funny! I thought gays are always saying, gay is NOT cross-dressing. Well, I guess in Glee anything goes.

I would have given the show an A-, but because we had to watch Kurt’s self-involved coming out twice in a row, it’s a B-. I only hope he won’t be coming out to a different? person in every episode now, or this could be a very repetitive and short-lived show. Even the EW recap writer is gay…

Twitter was also abuzz for Cougar Town last night, and I’m really sorry I missed it! :( Courtney Cox was on Kimmel last night, and said there was an incident in one scene where she was in a bubble bath and all the bubbles were disappearing in front of her brand new all male crew! She got a little panicky and decided the gay set decorator (Ge-o?) was the right person to ask for more bubble bath ingredients, stat. She said he complained that he didn’t want to have to touch her body or get close to her body.

I’ve worked on many sets, and visited many more, and if you can’t help the talent, especially when she’s in a vulnerable position like that, get off the set, dude. They should fire his ass. Set decorators’ job description absolutely covers any kind of decoration or object like that. No one needs two divas on a set, so you can leave.

* Update: Finally saw Cougar Town, and it is so vulgar, and worse than that, not funny. The car stopped so fast “her uterus shot out of her”? Gross. Love the setup, hate the writing. I do like Courtney Cox, but she needs a better manager or better taste.

Photo from EW.


  1. Huh said:

    Why are you even watching the show if you hate it so much? You probably are insecure about your own sexuality thats why your complaining…its ok… i think its time for you too

    September 30, 2009
  2. Yep said:

    Your review is spot-on. I watch every episode, and enjoy most of them, but OMG can we tone down the gayness a bit? Kurt is gay, and he’s brave beyond compare for rubbing it in everyone’s faces and crying every other episode. We get it.

    This is probably a great show for gays, but I’m losing interest. I guess that automatically makes me a homophobe. Oh well.

    November 15, 2010
    • Yep Seconds said:

      Yep, I agree. Glee’s first season was hugely entertaining, but as far as this season is concerned, I feel like I know the story line prior to watching the episode. Its time for the writers to drop Kurt as a story line, and start focusing on the other characters on the show. I currently just fast forward parts of the show that’s repetitive week by week concerning the gay side of it, but will stop watching completely if there is no change to the show in the next couple of episodes.

      November 23, 2010
  3. You Betcha said:

    I love the show, the talent is amazing, but I just can’t watch two supposedly gay high school boys kissing. I took the opportunity to get up and get a drink from the kitchen.

    March 15, 2011
    • I can’t watch it either! I cover my eyes. I also can’t watch Brittany and Santana kiss – gross. I guess that means I’m a really bad person. :)
      Maybe you know that Chris Colfer is totally gay, but Darren Criss is totally not, and very hot. I can’t take my eyes off of him – so charismatic.

      March 16, 2011
  4. Daniel said:

    I don’t understand what everyone’s problem is with the storyline focusing on the gay characters. I think that Glee producer Ryan Murphy is adding more Kurt and Blaine for a reason. Much of the conservatives in America have the untrue stereotype of gay people as perverted or sick, but Glee is really sending out a positive message to the gay community, and i also think the reason he is making Santana a lesbian is because lesbians aren’t depicted as often as gay men on TV. Glee focuses on teenage issues, and the gay issue is one that is often overlooked. Quinn’s pregnancy in Season 1 was one of the main important issues, even though it wasn’t focused on as much as Kurt and Blaine’s relationship. However, I’m not saying it makes you a bad person if you are grossed out by gay people kissing if it absolutely makes you throw up, (Cockroaches and wasps and all insects are what make ME barf! lol) but i just think people need to come face-to-face with reality, which is that gay people have nothing wrong with them and they deserve the freedom to be able to date and get married just like any straight couple. They aren’t hurting anyone else or trying to convert YOU so what’s the big deal? I mean really! They take enough crap from bullies and overly-religious parents and told that they don’t have the right to fall in love with someone because it’s not “right”? I’m almost surprised the gay suicide rate isn’t higher than what it really is..

    March 23, 2011
  5. Because straight people want to enjoy it, too, Daniel. This has NOTHING to do with gay marriage or gay rights.

    Fine, if they don’t care what straight people want. Make your own tv show, but don’t expect everyone to watch it. I’m straight, and I’m just expressing my opinion.

    Btw, haven’t you ever heard that saying, if you want to send a message, use Western Union? Don’t be sending messages in a story – Ryan Murphy is the WORST at this, which is why it sometimes ends up as the most awful schlock.

    March 24, 2011

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