Best ice cream of the year.

Heads up, and it’s on sale right now at Gelson’s!

I warn you, this is still very pricey, at an outrageous $4.99 a pint! Normal people shouldn’t have to pay this much. But I decided to splurge one evening, and now that I know it’s the best, I keep watching for sales, and hope they’ll get it in other stores at a more reasonable price.

Greek Gods Honey Pomegranate Pagoto Ice Krema.

The website says:

In the 4th century BC, it was well known that a favorite treat of Alexander the Great was snow ice mixed with honey and nectar.

Ok-ay! Everyone knows the benefits of pomegranate juice by now, a powerful antioxidant. And honey has lots of cool minerals in it, as well as being a serious anti-bacterial catch-all. You can even eat honey from Egyptian tombs!

Greek Gods decided the best kind of marketing is the kind with no available photos, so I uploaded this cheerful one from Fancy Flours, instead.

The ice cream is healthy…I’ll take it!

Chowhound isn’t as enthusiastic as I am, and says it’s too subtle.

But that’s exactly why I do love it! Ice cream is so cold, it’s a challenge to get the subtler flavors to come through when your tongue might not be as sensitive. I can smell the honey, too! It’s a great pale purple color – if I could make this color with watercolor, I’d use it more.


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