Who’s afraid of the big bad editor?*

I like the theatre. Spelled re.

Me. /small voice.

An important editor is coming to LA on Wednesday, and we’re going to meet for the first time. EEk!! My first thought: what should I wear? I mean, I know what I SHOULD wear: a summer frock and high strappy sandals. But I don’t have a frock, and my sandals are at the dry cleaners. Really, what should I wear?

And I’ve been working out more for a month. Not just running, but yoga and ballet, too. I can see a little difference, but not enough to make me happy. I’ve also been whitening my teeth, but those strips are so annoying, I keep “forgetting” to put them in each day. I got a haircut, too! Some days it looks good. Better do something about my nails, too.

But it’s not just the looks, oh no. It’s what to talk about. I need to ask for a raise. Renegotiate. But I don’t want to be crass, in my not-summer frock. If I was thinner, I’d wear a dress with lots of spring colorful flowers on it, to distract him from business. I remember one like this from 8th grade… Maybe I should wear a headband.

I rarely meet editors out here. I’ve met only a couple in NY. I met both of my book editors at BookExpo, so that was fun. I’m honestly curious about them, and I think I’ll just pepper him with questions about himself and his glamorous job. Marty Murphy said firmly, “Just be yourself.” Okay, maybe I’ll try that one, too.

*Update: Meeting is postponed until Labor Day week. Phew! I hurt my toe in my nervousness, so I’m hobbling a bit, anyway.


A male friend writes:

Good luck with your big meeting. Be optimistic! Remember that you’re incredibly talented, intelligent, charming, pretty, thin, etc., etc.!!

And don’t forget to wear a headband!!! (That always works.)

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