Aliens have wandering eyes, too.

I make no apologies, NONE. Everyone starts out drawing spacemen cartoons. I think I may even have one or two more.

A friend wrote to me recently to say that he was listening to Robert Heinlein on tape. I still remember lots of sci -fi stories – I think they hate that expression now, don’t they? – SCI-FI, SCI-FI – from high school. That’s the age when everyone feels like an alien, anyway. Still, they were powerful stories that stuck with me. And every once in a while…I still feel like one. But don’t quote me on that.

The Drawing
See how hard a cartoonist’s life is? I had NO idea how to draw the buildings/strange edifices outside this cafe. I like the shape of the window though – getting bigger in perspective, instead of smaller.

And both women are very attractive.

I always enjoy doing relationship cartoons. Even though it’s silly, it still made me laugh tonight. And that’s why I did it.

Aliens flirt like nobody\'s business.
“Just ignore him, Ellen. It’s in one eye, and out the other.”

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