My fave pic so far this year!

I wrote in my other blog (which covers my goal of changing the world, one giant step at a time) about how excited I was to get my first digital camera last year, the Panasonic DMC-TZ1. I still love it, and I still don’t know how to do everything- like take a picture at night or sunset that isn’t exposed too long. And I wish the longer lens settings were more in focus. (but that’s what Sharpen is for, right?)

Mostly, I love that it’s always with me, because it’s so compact and lightweight. I took this 6 months ago of trees straddling the barbed-wire fence of Silver Lake Reservoir, a nearby LA-style cement bathtub that we pretend is a lake. I love crows, anyway, but the balance in this photograph, the lacy lines, and the very very clever crows that almost blend into the tree – although not quite!- make this a winner for me. I also love the hint of vintage – it reminds me of 19th century scut black paper ilhouettes, although it would take a very sharp pair of scissors.

I know a lot of viewers won’t agree – it’s not exciting, and mostly, no color. But for a black and white line drawer like myself, this was very satisfying!

Click to enlarge. There are actually FOUR crows hiding up there!

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