She needs a good cookie or a good time, take your pick.

Freudian slip therapy cartoon
“ANOTHER FREUDIAN SLIP: “I want to make wild, passionate, chocolate chip cookies with you.”

Well, the wine glasses are empty, and this may explain her behavior. But really, isn’t it fun to be the aggressor?! ;)

The subject for Illustration Friday this week is Balloon. So here you go, the speaking balloon all cartoonists know all too well. And a colorful cartoon that I just remembered I did last month for a little interview I did for Psychology Today. No, not as a patient, silly – though they may have missed the boat on that call – but as a creative person. (That’s what my most recent contract calls me: Creator. What happened to A**hat?)?

Susan Perry is an accomplished writer of several books about flow, and is now working on a novel. Psychology Today invited her to do a blog for them, about creating in flow. (What, did you think Psychology Today was too stodgy for blogs and fun? Never! And they welcome comments, too!) I don’t know if you’ll learn anything new about me or cartoons there, but it’s a pretty accurate portrait. Or portrayal.

About the Cartoon
Because the title is at the bottom, I had to put the caption into a balloon for her. I think they balance each other out visually, but that took a couple of tries. I did the drawing recently, and I like the assertive lines. I thought of it several years ago, however, before chocolate became popular and healthy. (which is really only the last 5 years.) This cartoon was published in Weight Watchers. They have good taste, don’t they!

Of course, I loved the idea so much I also did one for men. But I’m not sure that one’s ready for Prime Time viewing!

*I just realized, several months later, that there are no ads on this page. G-oogle got it’s hair mussed up because I used the word s-ex, I guess. Terrible, misguided, and inexcusable search engine censorship.


  1. rui said:


    December 4, 2008
  2. mark heath said:

    Loved it. But for some men, namely me, your woman’s version is my version. Who doesn’t want to make love with a chocolate chip cookie?

    December 8, 2008
  3. Thanks, Rui!

    Mark, well if I want to make out with a cookie, and you do, too, that means we… should probably meet sometime, perhaps at Mrs. Fields?

    December 10, 2008

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