Shout out to the gays, a Time Magazine un-cartoon of the week.

Proposition 8 cartoon by ?Donna Barstow. Silent. Sign says: I’m mad as hell, and I’m going to take it some more.

If you found this page it means that Amptoons, the liberal hate site, is still making money off the cartoons they stole from me.? The asshole owner Barry Deutsch claims to be a cartoonist, but since he steals copyrighted intellectual property, he?s a thief, so you know he has probably stolen all his ideas, too. Do you think maybe he?s jealous of real cartoonists?? He calls his images Leftycartoons. No attempt at fair and balanced there…

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He makes his money from asshole readers like you, who keep coming back to the hate and the copycat ?news?? on his site. The Amptoons trash site steals from real news sources,? since no one there is a real journalist, and otherwise they would have no content at all!

Amptoons pretends that they are for the people ? while slamming everyone who’s not them, including the women they claim to respect! They pretend that they are presenting the news ? while copying and lifting the news whole from real, hardworking journalists! They pretend they?re open-minded and liberal ? while hating everyone who doesn?t think like they do, and trying to destroy all cartoonists not named Barry! They pretend they?re telling the TRUTH ? while they break copyright law, distort the news, do no investigation at all, steal content, and write malicious attacks on whoever they feel like ranting about that day.

I stand behind all my work, and I use my real name, unlike the other crazies on that site. So now you get to decide who to follow, and? who to believe.

And if you really came here to see cartoons, and not just to be a jackass like Barry Deutsch, here are my political cartoons. And you can even find my cartoon on Prop 8 in there, too.

*There are only a few editorial or political cartoons in this blog. I now do editorial cartoons in The Opposite of Wrong. Come on by!


  1. Geri Mars said:

    I’d be whining too, if I were being discriminated against and didn’t have the same rights as other of my fellow Americans. In a country founded on the concept of equality for its citizens and separation of church and state, Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.

    The Constitution — remember that?

    December 21, 2008
  2. runawayfred said:

    What the . . . hell? So is this is a joke on how gays are supposedly wimpy? Or is it a pun on how they “take it” sexually? Jeebus Mary Joseph Fat–this makes no friggin’ sense.

    As for Prop. 8, that kind of bigotry is on its way out. We’re hearing and seeing its last desperate thrashings.

    May 1, 2009
  3. Chris said:

    Also, what attacks on churches are you referring to?

    May 1, 2009
  4. Chris said:

    As for the “whining”–you would whine too if you forbidden by law to marry the person you loved.

    May 1, 2009
  5. Johnnywad said:

    “Push that stool in for you?”lol. The only people doing all the whining are the non-Heterosexuals.
    If your gay, stay away, it’s not okay, to play that way.

    May 1, 2009
  6. They attacked the Mormon church, both with demonstrations and some destruction. They blamed the church for putting up ads (or advertising money, I forget) to support Prop 8.

    Go to court to start a law or fight one, and don’t blame just one element who voted for the law. (By now, they did go to court.) The majority of black voters voted for it, too, but I didn’t see any attacks on them. Guess the church made a better target.

    You can leave more comments on this cartoon on Gocomics.

    May 4, 2009

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