Google is a harsh taskmaster.

Yes, that’s right, I said Google is punishing me for my transgressions, not God. Although I feel a teeny bit like Job this week: problems installing WordPress 2.7, so that this blog was down for well over a day, and attending anxiety, the theme (Template) broke, so I had to pick another one, check I was expecting from buyer did not meet expectations, and another check simply did not get here. Plus, I got locked into my apartment.

Into, not out of , because I hate being just like other people. My top lock, a deadbolt, stopped working, so the lever wouldn’t withdraw the bolt. Well, one always has windows for fresh air. However, someone would have to come rescue me, and I am a typical unorganized serial killer cartoonist, so a lot of organizing had to happen, fast, with, of course, no way to take out the trash.

Then I had to get up very early for 2 days for the lock-fixer, who didn’t come until the 3rd early AM. Then this morning, the worst tree-trimmers in the country, Davey Tree Service, uglified and destroyed parts of most trees on the block, so this required personal attention and complaints to the city.

But to get back to Google, I noticed after my blog was offline for a day, the traffic to this blog went down to 10% of usual. I thought it was a glitch, but no, day after day. Could not figure out if it was a WordPress problem, or me, or frames in the new template (Google doesn’t like frames – can’t read through walls).

I found 5 Reasons Why Your Google Traffic Might Have Dropped, Four Things to Do if Your Traffic Numbers Drop and Traffic May 9 dropped 75% after a year’s climb – are we penalized?

And then this SEO blog said his blog dropped while he went on vacation and didn’t delete 3 spams which were nofollow and kind of kinky.? Don’ t get that one at all. No regular blogger knows stuff like nofollow, yet we get penalized? Apparently so. If your server goes down for a day, or get a strange spam that it doesn’t like,? THAT’S IT, Google will drop you from your ranks and its cache immediately. NO MERCY.

Literally, the only advice these SEO sites have? Write a note to Matt Cutts at Google and beg for mercy. I’m not kidding. Google is that monolithic and horrifying.

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