Some last notes on second season Reaper.

If you love Reaper like I loved Reaper….Hurry up! ReaperDMV is holding a giveaway, just one more day (Wednesday)? if you give the correct answer to last Sunday’s repeat of the last episode ever…so far.

1 Grand Prize: S2 DVD set signed by Ms. Wade.
3 Runner Ups: Get Out of Hell Free card signed by Ms. Wade.

Really, I will not say goodbye, RIP, the end. None of that. This show was way too good to let go of. Thousands or millions of people put up a good fight to keep it – as well they should.


Reaper photo from Widescreen.

The CW here in LA had the repeats this summer on Sundays at 7 PM, and then it disappeared. Turns out they moved it to 11 PM; good time, but I didn’t know, thought they just dropped it. So I was just watching one of my old tapes this week – something, anything to take my mind off the terrible fires here – many of which I could see – and the death of the glorious Marty Murphy.

Gah, was that show great. It was the one called Homestretch, which involved Sock at a funeral and the others chasing Alan in a cemetery. There were at least 5 lines in this that would be great Cafe Press tshirts.??

I wanted to enter the ReaperDMV contest, so I watched the season finale on Sunday. I have probably seen every episode of both seasons at least 3 times. But I only watched this one twice. It just wasn’t up to their usual standards, and as I watched it Sunday I realized why. First of all, not that funny. I hated the actress Mary Pat. I know, she was supposed to be annoying, but I just disliked everything she did. I also disliked Ben’s grandmother – boring, cliche actress. The scenes with Sam and the Devil were first rate, as usual – those actors can’t hit a false note, and I loved them in their trim suits, playing quarters for their lives!

But the worst part, I realized, was that the 2 women, Nina and Andi – both of whom I like (Nina more, and I follow her on Facebook!) – BOTH sold their souls and their lives for the men they loved! In the same episode! Wha????

So I just looked up the writer, and it’s Michael Daley (or Michael F. X. Daley. Uh, cute, I guess. Probably did fx in his earlier life.) I knew it would be a man. He only wrote one other episode, uncredited. Great. Give the most important episode to a newbie.

While I was at IMDB, I also looked up Morgan, AKA Armie Hammer. Very handsome, but is comedic enough to hold his own in this great crowd. But…did you notice his name? He’s the grandson of Armand Hammer. The museum? The rich dude? Baking soda? How is it that a man can be that good-looking, a good actor, and also rich as hell? Just one more Reaper mystery.

You can see lots of him in the season 2 dvd, if you win.

Or when Reaper comes back on the air.

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