How to get more friends.

a man makes a buddy list to get more friends

For Illustration Friday, subject: Perspective.

When I first started cartooning I realized that I knew nothing about perspective. I looked at other cartoonists’ work and was amazed at how they had? several things in the drawing, all the proper size!

I bought (easy) books, asked people, but most of all I practiced, and studied how other cartoonists did it.

Eventually, I realized that it. doesn’t. matter. But that took years! It’s okay to ad lib, and even better to be spontaneous.

I know there are some artists who naturally think in 3 dimensions. Sculptors, maybe painters, those types of people. But not me. Two dimensions all the way. You could call me Flat Donna, and take me with you wherever you go, and I’d be happy.

I think it was Mick Stevens who drew an amazing desk in one cartoon, all trapezoid, where you could see the whole surface and it was extended all the way towards the bottom.

I’m still trying to draw that desk. This was a good try.

Caption: Mrs. Thomas, make me a buddy list.

Remember AOL?? Yeah, that.


  1. Glad I found your blog, Donna. I’ll be checking in again!

    March 9, 2010
  2. Hee!
    Marty Murphy used to tell me a cartoonist should indicate, not illustrate. I guess he learned it in his Chicago Art Center school, but I always keep it in mind. Of course, I rarely draw crowds or amusement parks. I’ll let the other guys work on them.

    In case readers don’t know, Randy is probably the most prolific gag cartoonist, so you could take a page from his book(s) and how he draws.

    March 15, 2010

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