How much sonar does it take to kill a whale?

Yeah, I wrote about Navy sonar killing whales over on my political cartoon site.

MFA sonars send intense pulses of noise through the water that can disrupt or injure marine mammals nearby. Scientists say it can trigger fatal mass strandings under certain circumstances.

The Navy has the proof, they?re just making a judgment call (no puns, thanks.) that they have to keep making the same sonar sounds over and over, like 3 year olds playing with their toys. ? I?ve noticed some scientists are like this, too, unfortunately; they base science on a hypothesis, with a provable result, and then spend years doing the SAME tests over and over. That sounds like a video game to me.

For Illustration Friday, subject: Subterranean.

Caption: So the Navy will continue to use sonar, but we can pick any beach in the world. To die on.

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