Talk radio just stirs up trouble.

Not that I’ve ever shied away from that.

Topic for Illustration Friday: Stir.

chef cartoon - chef can't concentrate on food prep with radio on
chef cartoon - chef can't concentrate on food prep with radio on

Part of my Daily Special restaurant cartoons series that I do for a lot of papers.

Yeah, I love talk radio. Just discovered I Heart Talk Radio blog, who does it better. Maybe it’s because in SoCal we’re in cars a lot, but radio is still big here. (I am rarely in my car, so what’s my excuse?) It’s kind of a treat, and I don’t listen every day – I find it very distracting, since I concentrate on what they’re saying and I can’t read or do cartoons with it on. But when I’m just kicking back, or organizing or cleaning (ugh) it’s great.

It’s almost always KFI:

Phil Hendrie (he’s back!)

Wayne Resnick – great. (but is he gay? Crush is pending.)

John & Ken – little overboard, but still entertaining.

Money guy on Sat afternoon – makes me anxious, but like him.

Tammy Bruce, lesbian lawyer. That isn’t my type of usual host at all, but when she was on KFI a few years ago, just when I started to do political cartoons, and was following the news, she would talk about Obama and politics and have me absolutely roaring – so so funny. She’s somewhere else now.

Heard someone named Stilwell Frost the other day? Seemed okay.

Tim Conway Jr. :Rarely. Never lets callers finish their sentence. Also does REALLY annoying hours of What Did Jesse Jackson Say? – what a waste of airspace. I like his voice and his personal stuff, so maybe he’ll change.

My newest cartoon for Psychology Today is on ice cream. You betcha.

Cartoon caption: Chef in restaurant turns to another chef and a waiter and says, Another garnish ruined! Collister, turn off that talk radio!

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