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One Minute Book Reviews Tech Tips for Artists

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bird talks to cat cartoon

For Illustration Friday – I don’t remember the subject now! Cartoon Caption: Bird says to cat, “I really wish you’d read Cats Who Hate Birds and the Birds who Love…

Read More The caged bird talks, too.

New Yorker cartoons

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man wants to sell date a t-shirt afterwards

Thin people look younger. Take heed, Los Angeles. Topic for Illustration Friday: skinny. This is also Wordless Wednesday, but forget that idea right now. I will never be wordless. Back when people designed stationary I designed some for editors that said at the bottom, ...because pictures speak louder with words. A cartoon is not an illustration, and ...

New Yorker cartoons


I went to Marty Murphy's memorial service on Monday at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. This is only the 2nd funeral I've ever been to since I've been a grownup, and my first time at this famous cemetery. We signed in and met Marty's sister and nephew, and some people said some nice things about him. ...

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